How Capable Your Fingerprint Attendance Machine Should Be?

There would be hardly any surprise if I say that technology has taken into the heart of many private and public sector offices and organizations. In the recent times, the advent of technology in the form of biometric or fingerprint attendance machine in Gurgaon has been widely accepted and adopted by many government and non-government outfits. They are efficiently utilizing this equipment to save time and promoting more accuracy in keeping employee’s attendance record for various purposes. This device can be adopted by any business, offices, enterprises and so on regardless of its size and shape and type of industry.

The biometric fingerprint attendance machine can offer more than just recording an attendance. It can impart employee attendance, payroll generation, as well as monthly attendance reports. Such information can largely contribute the organization to keep a hawk eye employee’s attendance and manage their payroll growth strategies as well. So, I am going to discuss some of the significant roles that this device have to offer you.


Accurate time registration

The key to a healthy fingerprint based attendance system is its ability to create and save accurate time registration. It can register the entry and exit time in just 3 seconds. While purchasing this device you can ask the seller about its time registration efficiency. Mostly the device time registration function is at par.


Time in and time out

The most basic function you require in a fingerprint attendance machine is to allow your employee to register their time in and time out or working hours. In this way, you can keep their attendance records along with the precise log in hours. The machine must comprise magnetic card readers and biometric scanners so that it can promptly identify employee’s fingerprint.


Record a flexible employee schedule

There are many companies and organizations who have flexible working hours or schedule that allows their employee to begin and end their working hours at different times. It may also include the enterprises that allow the workers to come early and indulge in overtime. The efficiency of the software in the attendance machine must be able to create and manage workers or employee schedule as per the requirement of the organization.


Employee absence and leave management

This is another important and essential features that the fingerprint attendance machine in Gurgaon that it must record the absence and leave records of the employee. The employee absence might transpire due to sickness, holidays, vacation, paid time out, etc. If the machine records all such non-appearance of the employee in the office, it would be easy for the manager to see at a glance how many workers are working in the company and how many are absent. It also helps them to allocate the work accordingly.



The fingerprint attendance machine must provide you the comprehensive and tailored report of the employee that should include time in, time out, absence, holidays, overtime, shift pattern and so on. On the basis of these report the HR team can conveniently manage the payroll of the employees.


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